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Peaceful and beautiful. This is La Gomera, known as "Isla Mágica" (the magical island). It is the second smallest of the Canary Islands, measuring barely 20 kilometres from north to south. It is an ecological treasure, and its coast is dotted with small beaches set between cliffs. It has a rugged coastline with small black-sand beaches and is a paradise for nature lovers. Its wild, mountainous landscape is packed with contrasts: in just a few kilometres you go from palm-covered valleys to huge canyons; from arid coastal areas with waters ideal for scuba diving, to fascinating forests, crammed with vegetation.

La Gomera's airport is in the south and offers good communications, with daily flights to Tenerife and Gran Canaria. There are also daily boat and ferry services to and from Tenerife. The best way to get around inland is by renting a car. Be sure not to miss the simple but delicious local cuisine, with stews, soft cheeses and honey extracted from palm trees.


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