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Seville is located in the middle of Andalucia in the South of Spain. Seville has a warm oceanic climate, winters are generally mild and summers are very warm. The maximum temperatures in summer often surpass 40°C. Seville itself is set in the heart of the fertile river valley, while many of the province's most significant settlements are scattered around the gently rolling Guadalquivir river plain (vega), known as La Campiña, planted with patchwork fields of wheat and olive groves. Historically, this area was largely in the hands of a few wealthy landowners and today the land is still divided up into huge farm estates, punctuated by large towns rather than small villages. The legendary "Don Juan" started from here to conquer the hearts of women across all Europe, while Prosper Merimée who's "Carmen" you can watch still today in opera houses - was a worker in Seville's old tobacco factory. When you visit this city, you are in the very heart of Andalusian culture, the center of bullfighting and Flamenco music. Take your time and take life easy, as Andalusians use to do, and interrupt sightseeing from time to time to have a few "tapas", those typical "small spanish dishes", and a glass of Sherry wine in one of the probably thousands of bars in this city, and consider a few of the hints on the following pages to make your stay a memorable one.


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