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Private Jets Charter and Helicopters Rental


Whether it is a luxury jet for your business trip or a helicopter tour of the countryside while on vacation, let The Grand Selection organize your private VIP flights from take-off to touchdown.


Private flights in exclusives jet aircraft and luxury helicopters.

With The Grand Selection everything is possible any number of passengers, all destinations, and virtually every model of helicopter or private jet.

We'll show you the sights from a different angle, resulting in an unforgettable experience. See a bird's-eye view of the beautiful mountains around Andalusia, endless sandy beaches along the ocean coast of Portugal or famous Puerto Banus.

All these flights will be programmed to suit your timetable. You can explore some of the options available below or get in touch with our specialist in Air Tours for further information.


Aeropuerto Málaga(AGP) 3540 €
Aeropuerto Jerez (XRY) 4710 €
Aeropuerto Sevilla
7224 €
MALAGA Guided 6222 €
MALAGA panorama 4452 €
SEVILLA 9672 €
GRANADA 8640 €
CORDOBA 9150 €
RONDA y TOROS 7272 €
JEREZ 7404 €
CAZA 5388 €
GOLF 4968 €

• Helicopter Transfer Malaga airport to Marbella heliport
• Nautical helicopter flights (Departure by helicopter to fish for tuna in Barbate & Almadraba)
• Hunting helicopter tours
• Helicopter Special Aviation Experience
• Explore the coast in Helicopter


Booking Conditions:
•    Flight times are approximate and may vary due to a number of factors.
•    The client is obliged to provide a complete list of all passengers 48 hours prior to departure of the flight.
•    Information to be included; full name of each passenger, date of birth, passport or valid photo-ID number incl. expiry date. The original document must be presented to staff prior to flight. Passengers without valid ID will not be admitted and are not entitled to a claim or a refund.
Flying time begins from turbine / engine pull up until complete stop.
Please arrive at your departure point 30min prior to your scheduled flight time.
NB: A price quotation does not constitute a valid reservation or a flight assertion, nor does it imply availability of the aircraft.

To make a booking:

•    The Grand Selection Aviation must receive written confirmation of accepting the above quotation.
•    You must receive, in writing, an assertion of availability of the aircraft.
•    Confirm the booking by making full payment for total value of quotation.
•    Payments by VISA +3%, AMEX+5%, bank-cheques not accepted, payments in cash or by bank-transfer free of charge.

Not included in the price:
•    Any extra costs or services not included in this offer.
•    Overtime costs independently of the cause.
•    Increases in fuel costs and/or fees.
•    PLEASE NOTE! The payment is for the service regardless of how many seats are occupied. Individual seats may not be commercialized by The Grand Selection Aviation or a third party.
All quotes are based on information provided by the client. At the end of each service you will be billed the according to the exact duration of your flight as well as any extra services included in your itinerary.
The Grand Selection Aviation  will provide supervision and a safety briefing prior to your flight.

Cancellation Policy:
•    For cancellations  15 - 7 days prior to the scheduled departure of your flight,  70% refund will be given.
•    For cancellations 7 days – 48 hrs prior to the scheduled departure of your flight, 50 % refund will be given.
•    For cancellations less than 48 hrs prior to the scheduled departure of your flight, 25 % refund will be given.
•    Same day cancellations, or if passengers cannot be on time for departure, the cancellation fee is 100% of the quoted total and NO refund will be given.

NB: Quotes are valid for 10 days from date of issue.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you and enjoy your experience with The Grand Selection Aviation Helicopters.

(+34) 951 204 417
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To order Jet / Helicopter Charter, please, fill out our booking form below or call us at (+34) 951 204 417.
Jet Helicopter Departure: Arrival: I have read and agree with terms and booking conditions in case of reservation.(Booking conditions)

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