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Las Palmas de Gran Сanarian is a unique place on Canary Islands (excluding Santa Cruz dе Tenerife) where you certainly will feel like in a city. Slightly tired with the sun, it can associate with the Mediterranean or the North Africa; its overloaded motorways, noisy shops, populous bars and port boiling by a life - all exhales energy of a city, the seventh in size in Spain. The historical centre though also small, it is rich with the sights and endures now a rebirth as a zone of entertainments. Connected to Playa dе las Canteras, it will not allow to be bored to an average hedonist during several days. Aroma of Spain with the big impurity of a multinationality reigns here. You will face a wonderful mix of natives of China living here, Africa, India and Spain, and also an explosive mix of tourists, crews of cargo courts and any tramps which often brings a wind in seaports. If you have arrived to Canary Islands to learn something about Spain (instead of chewing sandwiches all the day long and to roll in a hotel) and if you are agree to participate a little in city turmoil, to visit a couple of museum and to join a cultural life which does not rotate round a karaoke, this place will reward you for your attention.


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