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The province of Jaén is divided into three natural zones: Sierra Morena in the north, a river Guadalquivir valley - in the centre and the Baetic Sierra in the Southeast. The soft climate of a province is explained by the Atlantic winds getting through the Baetic hollow. In the northeast province there is a National park Sierra de Cazorla with an area of 200,000 hectares. It is the biggest reserved park of Spain. In this park two significant rivers originate: Guadalquivir and Segura. In this park you can meet about 1300 kinds of various plants, 24 from which it is possible to find out only there. The province of Jaén opens to you the unforgettable way filled with monumental riches, customs, stories and legends soaring over olive trees, palaces, cathedrals and fortresses. There will be a Muslim Castle, Baños dе lа Encina, the most ancient on this peninsula, and many other castles and historical battlefields, along with the big gastronomic and entertaining offer.

The city of Jaén is located at the bottom of the Hill of Saint Catalina. Its abrupt streets and the expressed slopes defining its urbanism, extend from top to bottom and pass in flat and wide zones of the new quarters and parkways. The cathedral of Jaén, a masterpiece of Andres dе Vandelvir, is classified as one of the most appreciable works of the Renaissance in Andalusia in which the inspiration from many big cathedrals constructed in Latin America has been enclosed.


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