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Situated deep in Andalusian Region, Cordoba is a compendium of history and modernity. In the northern part of a province there are numerous patrimonies and the churches earlier belonging to Jesuits at the 17-18 centuries. Of great tourist interest is a mountain part region where are various trackings carried out, trips on mountain bicycles and off-road cars, riding and some other kinds of productive leisure.

Situated deep in the Andalusian Autonomous Region, Cordoba is a compendium of history and modernity. Very few places in the world can boast of having been the capital of Hispania Ulterior under the Roman Empire, and the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate. Such splendour is palpable in the intellectual wealth of this centre of wisdom and knowledge, that has seen the birth of figures like Seneca, Averroes and Maimonides.To take a stroll through the historic quarter of Cordoba is to discover a beautiful network of small streets, alleys, squares and whitewashed courtyards arranged around the Mosque-Cathedral, which reflects the importance of the city during medieval times and which is a real symbol of the capital.
Olive oil, being produced in big quantities around Cordoba, is an important ingredient of many typical dishes.Gazpacho and Salmorejo, delicious and refreshing cold soups made mainly of mashed vegetables and olive oil, are the indispensable first dish during the hot season. Equally indispensable is Jamon, cured ham, which is produced in Valle de los Pedroches. Salchichon de Pozo Blanco, a typical sausage, Caña de Lomo and Morcilla, blood sausage, are more specialities.Despite of the hot climate, there are of course as well warm dishes: the ragouts of oxtail and of lamb, Cordero en Caldereta.
The typical desserts: Alfajores, made of almonds and honey and a Pastel Cordobes.


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