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The Canary Islands are washed by waters of the Atlantic ocean and settle down all in 100 km from the coast of Africa. But the African scorching heat here is not present - thanks to a unique climate here practically there are no rains, and air temperature almost always 25-27 degrees. Besides, the so-called, Canary current guarantees all year long a stable "cosy" water temperature - 20-23 degrees. That is why Canary Islands name «Paradise islands». These islands of a volcanic origin, therefore, on one of versions, consider them as the rest of the Atlantis which was lost from eruption of a volcano. Landscapes of Canary Islands strongly differ from European though it is Spain, from African, though this continent absolutely nearby. Here all is bound - deserted district and magnificent vegetation, orange groves, vineyards and eternal snow on tops of mountains. And what are the beaches here! They were stretched by a 1500-kilometre sandy coastal line. Amazes service of Canary Islands. They concern the advanced resort of Spain constructed only in the early nineties. Therefore at building of hotels ware used the high technologies. Accordingly the hotels surpass many known resorts of the world in level of comfort and service.


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