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Cáceres is a province of western Spain, in the northern part of the autonomous community of Extremadura. It is bordered by the provinces of Salamanca, Ávila, Toledo, and Badajoz, and by Portugal. Its capital is the city of Cáceres. Appeal to the traveller is represented by the beauty of a city and creates adesire to be lost in a labyrinth of its streets and the medieval areas, under its arches, its towers, to take refuge in its churches, beautiful monasteries and beautiful palaces. The traveller discovers a mix of styles in its Arabian architecture through northern Gothic style, the Italian Renaissance and an influential America's heritage. One will always find the peaceful calmness in its inns and restaurants which abound with hospitable kitchen and local wines from the excellent grape born in a shade and calmness of internal patios.
The city ensemble is an exclusive monumental enclave which has managed to keep significant heritages of different small towns and their cultures which at various times have located in its territory. Since the Paleolith till the big development of city building in XXth century, the capital of Estremadura was distinguished by the rich cultural heritage which has perfectly remained and provoked to proclaim this city the National monument in 1949, and in 1986 the Mankind Heritage by UNESCO.


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