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Burgos - a province in the northern part of Spain, is a part of Castile. The first impression of Burgos is its beautiful Cathedral towering over the city and its essence: Gothic, demoniacal and hardworking. Carefully kept old city lies around it with its ancient walls of particular value. The heritage of last glory is felt in it, and the inhabitant of Burgos, reserved but smiling, seems to be a charming and a friendly person.

Its ancient and rich history has shaped one of the most surprising miracles of the Spanish architecture in a stone, not for nothing, here we find a small particle of Castile, an origin of Spain today. In Burgos famous count Fernan Gonsales was born who based a shire, and later Castilian kingdom. And Sid, the national hero who distinguished himself in a struggle against the moors during the Reconquista epoch. And if there were no such impressive castles and monasteries, we could think that all this was a legend. Burgos is well-known for the sausage called as Morcilla de Burgos and fresh cheese with а light taste of the goat milk. Among the specialities in fish dishes: a cod a la burgalesa, the eel a la arandina and crawfish salad.


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