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The Balearic islands (Baleares), group of islands in the western part of the Mediterranean sea, in 200 km to the east from the Iberian peninsula. Consist of three big islands - Mallorca , Menorca and Ibiza and archipelago of Pitiussky islands. Autonomous region of Spain- Baleares. The Administrative centre and the main port - the Palma de Mallorca. As well as on all Mediterranean islands, the sky over the Balearic islands almost always pure, sea winds soften a heat, rains go infrequently. The most "rainy" island - Menorca as it is protected by nothing from strong norths. Soil on the Balearic islands is the driest because rain water quickly filters through cracks in the limestone which is the basic type of soil on the island. The climate of the islands varies seasonally. Winter here rather soft, with average temperature + 11 °С, and summer - droughty. Inhabitants of the Balearic islands speak in Catalan language.


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