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Ávila is a province of central-western Spain, in the southern part of the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is bordered on the south by the provinces of Toledo and Cáceres, on the west by Salamanca, on the north by Valladolid, and on the east by Segovia and Madrid. Ávila is naturally divided into two sections, differing completely in soil and climate. The northern portion is generally level; the soil is of indifferent quality, strong and firmly in a few places, but rocky in all the valleys of the Sierra de Ávila; and the climate alternates from severe cold in winter to extreme heat in summer. The population of this part is mainly agricultural. The southern division is one mass of rugged granitic sierras, interspersed, however, with sheltered and well-watered valleys, abounding with rich vegetation. The winter here, especially in the elevated region of the Paramera and the wasteland of Ávila, is long and severe, but the climate is not unhealthy.


Capital of this province - a city with the same name. It has an image of a medieval city due to its walls which are something more important than created symbolical representation about them, it is a monument which characterises and forms this city. Since the XVI century the city has reached its maximum blossoming showed either in civil or in religious areas. About thirty buildings which have remained from that epoch confirm the important role of the nobility and constructive activity which took place between XV and XVI centuries. Аvila - a mystical and a spiritual city. Here it is possible to pass away from a Gothic style to the Renaissance, from mannerism to baroque through a life and a work of Teresa de Avila. This is a place of a lot of holidays and traditions. The majority of them have a religious character, but many of them with a pagan shade. To strictly religious other playful motives which have become stronger in local habits and city way have increased with a current of years.


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