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Lleida is a province of more than 600 km of pure mountain lakes and rivers, which are located on the shores with camping for fishermen and hotels for tourists. Here you can rent equipment and even take a course. Lleida with its falls and turbulent rapids "tortes", uncountable number of sporting facilities on the banks of the rivers Noguera and Sobirà, where the world championships acrobatics, water rodeo and freestyle have a place. Surprises with its beauty landscapes like the Grand Canyon, and orange rock shapes topped with castles. The capital of the province is Lleida. The town staggered up the hill, on top of which to this day preserved delightful castle Seu Vella, with the cathedral (XII-XV cc.) In the center of the city on a hill. National Park Aygues-Tortes and Lago San Mauricio - "Forest stormy waters", contains in its territory 200 glacial lakes and countless waterfalls, which are interspersed with small villages. Lérida Kitchen: the most famous dishes from this kitchen are: snails, rice with rabbit meat. Noguera "cassoletes" (mixture of garden produce and meat). In the Valley of Aran "the pot Aran" is a typical dish.


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