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La Massana is in 7 km to the north of the capital of Andorra at a height of 1300 m above sea level. Tourists come here to go to a known mountain-skiing zone of Andorra - Pal-Arinsal. La Massana is connected with Pal-Arinsal by special ski-bus. With a choice 41 lines of the general extent of 65 km is offered to tourists. Basically, it is red and blue lines which are located above 1900 m. 29 lifts deliver tourists to them. Here there are schools for beginning skiers where many instructors speak English, half-pipe and possibilities for extraroute driving. The zone of Arinsal is known for the numerous bars, restaurants and discos, therefore approaches for youth more, and a Pal zone is good for quiet family rest.
It is nearby located the highest point of Andorra - The Pike De-Coma-Pedroza (2942) on which it is possible to make an ascension. Local tracking routes are considered simple, therefore will approach for tourists of any level of readiness.


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