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Huelva has a jasmine scent and a salty ocean wind. Surrounded by two rivers Tinto and Odiel, every morning shows us its beauty and a charm, shows us its fine declines spilt at the ocean. Huelva is a light, the nature, the sea, dishes, folklore, a landscape, a rosemary. The thousand-year city, which soul was molded by Greek, Roman and Phoenician cultures. Huelva - a city of not found out discoveries, has a history, soft landscapes, warm small streets, a flamenco and flying seagulls on the horizon. Doñana National Park - a huge protected space has saved up the biological riches recognised as an object of the international importance. Reserve of the Human Heritage of Biosphere, its territory is generated from a combination of various ecosystems among them the special place is occupied with a swamp zone and freshwater bogs of the river Guadalquivir. Here the Spanish lynxes brought in the Red Book as a rare species live, and on wintering here arrives over a half-million of waterfowls. Situated in a province of Huelva, Doñana adjoins with another interesting object of the great cultural importance, Ermita del Rocio well-known hermitage in Almonte and a place of pilgrimage of the Spanish Catholics. The project belongs to architects Antonio Delgado and Alberto Balbontin de Orta realised by 1960. Its popularity is huge all over the world and for honouring The Virgin of El Rocío whose figure is in the priory, now every year more than one million people gathered in this picturesque place.
In an abundant kitchen of Huelva it is possible to come across sea crabs on a grill and shrimps welded in gurumelos, a string bean "enzapatas", small cuttlefishes, molluscs and a white shrimp. But of the main gastronomic value in this province is a black smoked ham or Jamon de Pata Negra. It is the best meat product which can offer the Iberian peninsula to the world market.


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