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Ciudad Real, the "Royal City", lies between the rivers Guadiana and Jabalón. It preserves few remains from its glorious and warlike past. Now the chief town of its province, it lies in the center of La Mancha, the home of Don Quixote, the "knight of the rueful countenance". Close to a city the Hill of Alarcos having for archeologists great value because of its medieval fortress is located and also because of some fights at Alarcos and the castillians have been completely won by the Almohad dynasty in 1195. Nearby there is a modern airport. Also a construction of the huge gambling centre.


Lagunas dе Ruidera are considered as the river Guadiana birthplace, and they have appeared, according to Cervantes fable, from the sorcery of magician Mеrlin made over Madam Ruidera and her nieces, turned to lake formations. These are the small seas in a dry Stain (from Spanish : la Mancha - a stain). All of them various under the form, the size and flora.

Water, being pulled out from one lagoon in another, sometimes forms falls or it is mild slides streamlets in grottoes.


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