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Catalonia (Cataluña) is one of the most beautiful area of Spain, well-known for its rich culture, ancient customs, and, of course, magnificent Mediterranean resorts. Catalonia is the largest cultural, business and industrial centre of Spain.


Located in the Northeastern corner of Spain, bordering France along the Pyrenees mountains and the Iberian Peninsula on the coast, the region of Catalonia is most often associated with its grand city, Barcelona. Beyond the rich history and excitement of the metropolis however is an entire landscape filled with its own depth of character and stories to tell. Visitors most often flock to the area in the summer, especially to the coastal regions to enjoy in Costa Dorada (Golden Coast) and Costa Brava (Rugged Coast) where Mediterranean beach life is at its peak. Inland, and during all other seasons, visitors will find that there is as much to do with less bustle and comfortable weather. Spring and autumn months are perfect for exploring, bicycling, and hiking, and in winter skiers should not forget the snow-covered Vall d’ Aran. Catalonia is famous for its own unique customs, including its language, Catalan, which is far more than an accented Spanish. Previously a separate country, the region maintains much of its independence as well as pride. In addition to beaches, visitors seek out Catalonia’s highly regarded Penedès wine region, as well as Montserrat, a historical monastery atop a mountain near Barcelona.


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