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The large floods and dams transform Badajoz into an available zone for rowing, sailing or fishing. Spacious pastures, wide plains and numerous valleys with the Mediterranean greenery is an original paradise for tourism in all its displays: the pedestrian walks, riding, a mountain bicycle, air sports or an ascension, a golf, hunting, fishing and bow shooting.
Concerning a landscape of special attention is the Reserve Cornalvo, located 7 km to the east from Merida, being the environment with unusual non-polluted and valuable water deserves.
The Gothic represents one of the basic art styles of Badajoz. Many of its cities have kept important architectural monuments: castles, cathedrals and monasteries which form an ensemble. The route of Badajoz castles contains about 40 fortresses.
Iberian ham, smoked and blood sausages, corned beef, cheese and wine - the main products distinguishing the province of Badajoz, an exclusive meat offer. Specialities: cocido, migas and roast. There are a lot of good cheeses in the province, but first of all it is necessary to pay attention to a goat cheese named “quesaillas” and another one, a sheep cheese, the Torta de la Serena, from soft creamy paste, of an exclusive taste.



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