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Albacete is a province of central Spain, in the southern part of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha.

The province of Albacete belongs to the autonomous region of Castile - La Mancha, consists of the big plain in the north, and in the south - about the mountain chains reaching about 2.000 metres in its height (for example, Sierra de Cabras). It is the boundary between the Atlantic both Mediterranean regions and one of the most uninhabited, leaky occupied. Being a plain zone of the peninsular there are there numerous hollows filled with rain water, so-called the system of an internal drainage. Sometimes it is called a "young" province, its status has been confirmed in 1833 by La Mancha's, Murcia's, Valencia's and Andalusian municipality, i.e. it has been generated from particles of absolutely different autonomies that is why it assumes an exclusive cultural riches in it. The unusual landscape contrasts far from typical opinion about «huge La Mancha's plain», undoubtedly, deserve to be visited.


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